Rusa Deer


Rusa Deer

Package 1

Includes: transfers to and from Mackay, accommodation, capping of trophy, quartering of meat, all guides and trophy fees for one stag, food etc.

Package 2

Cull Deer Meat Hunts ex Mackay from $450 per day per hunter

Includes: transfers to and from Mackay, accommodation, capping of trophy, guides and trophy fees, food etc.

Flexible - All packages are subject to change to suite the business and client/s preference.

Unique Adventures Hunts

Hunts are conducted in Central Queensland, where the biggest Javan Rusa in Australia are located. Unique Adventures has permission to conduct safari hunting for Javan Rusa on a private cattle station of 120,000 acres. It is all completely free range.

Javan Rusa Behavior

Javan Rusa shed their velvet in early to mid-May which is just at the right time for a perfect cape as this deer species has a tendency of destroying their capes in mighty battles with other stags over supremacy. We concentrate our efforts every year on timing the beginning of the pre-rut when the stags are stripped but still in bachelor herds, allowing for the best chance at getting the best trophy, in the best condition.

Equipment List


How a hunt will be conducted for Javan Rusa

On this property, the Javan Rusa have lots of low cover which allows them to easily hide and evade our stalk. We concentrate on a sit and wait tactic in the afternoons and in the early mornings we drive along the sendero (laneways) slowly whilst glassing, looking for the big stags. On average, our stags are over 30 inch, anywhere up to 36 inch. There is a 40% chance of obtaining an Australian record book stag off this particular property. The chances of securing a stag on the property remain at approximately 70%. We conduct our hunts over 5 days, giving the best chance at securing a quality trophy.

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