Our Camp

Unique Adventures

Camp Rules

  • No discharging of firearms in camp or within 100 meters of camp.
  • No sleeping close proximity of fire or ocean/water.
  • Firearms are to be unloaded at all times in camp.
  • No leaving camp without telling someone where you are going, including to the toilet! as we are in remote areas.
  • No rubbish is to be put in fire, rubbish is to be put in bags provided.
  • No alcohol is allowed to be consumed until hunting is finished for the day and in some cases i.e. on aboriginal land alcohol is banned (you will be informed of this when you book the hunt).
  • No one is to walk through camp naked even if they are going to the shower AS MUTUAL RESPECT IS REQUIRED!
  • Any unscrupulous behavior will not be tolerated at any time and we have the right to stop the hunt or tour at any time for any significant breach of rules. This is completely at the discretion of the guide.
  • Illegal drugs are prohibited on trip and if they are found it will mean immediate cancelation of hunt/tour!