Axis (Chital) Deer


Chital/Axis Deer

Package 1

Limited, to not over hunting species to keep trophy quality at a high.

Includes: transfers to and from Mackay, accommodation, capping of trophy, quartering of meat, guides and trophy fees for one stag, food etc.

Cull Deer Meat Hunts ex Mackay from $450 per day per hunter

Includes: transfers to and from Mackay, accommodation, capping of trophy, guides and trophy fees, food etc.

Flexible - All packages are subject to change to suite the business and client/s preference.

Unique Adventures Hunts

We conduct our hunts in Central North Queensland, in the tropics opposite the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef. We have a very strong population of Chital Deer on our two properties on which we conduct guided safari hunts. One property is a rifle block, the other is for bow hunting. We run Chital hunts in May and December – January, to coincide with the shedding of their velvet for peak condition in December and the May/June rut. We do conduct management meat doe hunts throughout the year and have the best opportunity to get a good quality representative trophy as we live within an hour or two from the property in which we hunt. This means that you can be hunting on the same day that you land, until the day you leave, maximizing your opportunity.

Chital Deer behavior

Chital Deer are from India and Asia and have the tiger as their natural predator. They are very switched on with scent, noise and movement and are an extremely difficult and well earned trophy, especially when taken with a bow. They have magnificent markings and are considered one of the most beautiful species of deer. They will be quite vocal during the rut with what we call a boo from the stags. Hinds are very alert and usually will be the one to sound the alarm. They generally will run a couple of hundred metres and pull up in the shade, allowing (sometimes) for a second stalk. The terrain in which they live is flat and they generally like to stick to the shade around creeks and gullies.

Equipment List

The same as all Unique Adventures equipment lists, except for if you wish to bring calls for yourself. We recommend a primos hoochie mama elk cow call. This works well 50% of the time.

How a hunt will be conducted for Chital

With the Chital hunt, we stay on the properties on which we hunt. On misty mornings we hold off getting up at the crack of dawn as the deer can sometimes walk past the hunts and we will spook them if we are walking around in the fog. We generally hunt early mornings until about 9.30am, come back and have breakfast and have a morning siesta until lunch time, which is one of the best times to locate big stags when they are bedded up in the trees. Then we come back for lunch if we have not located a stag, and have a 1-2 hour rest, until the day cools down and we hunt until dark.

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