Unique Adventures

Our aim at Unique Adventures is to provide an authentic free range Uniquely Australian hunting experience. We pride ourselves on true wilderness hunting and our aim is to work as hard as possible to help you achieve your hunting goals. At Unique Adventures we believe in fair chance, free range hunting and we will endeavor to provide our clients with a truly challenging and rewarding experience whilst providing top rate service in all aspects of your holiday. From the planning process all the way to the delivery of your trophies to your preferred taxidermist we will take care of you like no one else.

Hayden Potts

Hayden has grown up hunting since he was able to walk, taught by his father Graham Potts. Hayden’s passion for hunting deer started at the age of 12 and has grown from there, with every spare moment spent chasing and learning all about these allusive creatures. As a result of this passion he has successfully hunted every species of Australian deer except for hog deer, which he hopes to one day accomplish. At the age of 24 Hayden travelled across the Pacific to Argentina to hunt puma and while he was there, his hunting ability, knowledge and professionalism left such an impression with his Argentinian guides that they encouraged him to pursue guiding as a full time profession. As a result, Hayden created Unique Adventures Pty Ltd and the rest is history. In his very first season guiding deer Hayden guided one of his first clients to a Javan Rusa that went top 20 in the Australian Record book. He has since hunted Tahr in NZ as well as various types of game in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Hayden has now been hunting buffalo in the Northern Territory for more than 4 years and has become a close friend and associate of one of Australia's most experienced and well known buffalo guides Tony Twidale.

Tony Twidale

Tony's hunting career started chasing pigs through the lignum and channels of the Balonne River around Dirranbandi in South West Queensland at age 8. He kept his love affair with hunting as a teenager but also was good enough to represent his State and Country as a target shooter winning numerous State and National titles. Marrying a "Territory girl" 21 years ago had tony hunting buffalo and scrub bull cattle for food for hungry communities and it wasn't long before he started putting clients on to record sized bulls. With an uncanny ability to put clients on to huge animals we are lucky to claim the services of this master guide. His knowledge of the culture, language and country as well as the migration patterns of the free-range animals means we are able to keep our hunting areas fresh and pristine. Tony has been a professional kangaroo shooter, Dog-trapper, pro pig shooter and professional buffalo shooter hunting for Southern Arnhemland Communities.